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The first Fused Silica monolithic suspension for Advanced Virgo

Thermal noise in mirror suspension is the most severe limit to the low-frequency sensitivity of first generation interferometric gravitational wave detectors. To minimize the pendulum thermal noise, a monolithic suspension, using fused silica as a low dissipation material, has been developed for Advanced Virgo. Now the first monolithic suspension has been realized last Thursday June 11st, thanks to a strong collaboration between the INFN groups of Perugia, Firenze and Roma1.

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Our new website is online!

Our new website is online! The Education and Public Outreach team is happy to announce the release of the new website for the Virgo-EGO outreach. Focused mainly on the Virgo interferometer based in Cascina, the website is meant to provide news on all activities concerning Virgo, occurring onsite and in the Virgo laboratories. In addition […]

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