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“h – The Gravitational Voice” is an internal publication of the European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) and the Virgo Collaboration. The content of this newsletter does not necessarily represent the opinion of the management.

Chief Editor: Carlo Bradaschia

Editorial Staff: Valerio Boschi, Henrich Heitmann, Gary Hemming, Martin Mohan, Séverine Perus, Frédéric Richard

Production: Andrea Matteini

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Issue n. 33 – June 2017

Cover picture: “Toasting the locking of the interferometer”


        GW 170104
        One more fusion of two black holes
        AdV Dedication
        Commissioning progress
        Apollo16 astronaut at Virgo
        CNRS/INFN safety meeting at EGO
        EGO security news
        Handing over the reins
        March 2017 LVC meeting
        A Pint of Science
        New People Presentations

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Issue n. 32 – December 2016

Cover picture: “Aerial View with logo”


        Virgo in poetry
        A lot of prizes
        GWs on Mickey mouse
        3-D printer
        GraWITon School
        Interferometer progress
        Magic to propitiate commissioning

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Issue n. 31 – July 2016

Cover picture: “New events … and more to come”


More GW events
2015 GWIC and Braccini Thesis Prizes
VESF Prizes
The Valencia Group
GWADW 2016
EGO Open doors
Triathlon 2016
New faces at EGO
R. Flaminio: From Pisa to Japan in a quarter of a century
A historical curiosity: Galileo was 1600 years late

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