Black Hole 5.0. When gravitational waves meet music!

Black Hole 5.0. When gravitational waves meet music

Have you ever imagined to dance around a black hole? Quite a thrilling experience, but not 100% safe, uh?

Well, it you are interested in a interesting mix of sounds, black holes and gravitational waves, you could listen to Black Hole 5.0, a piece composed by Arthur Jeffres together with Virgo scientist Samaya Nissanke of Radboud University (The Netherlands). This track has been developed within the project GRAVITATIONAL WAVES & EXOPLANETS, and is described as follows by Arthur:
“For this piece the only sounds are piano, strings and gravitational waves. the piano line comes from mapping a Neutron Star/Neutron Star collision curve into midi and quantising into the correct key. The piece builds up where KILONOVA goes in the other direction.”

Arthur and Samaya have put together a musical narrative that uses the gravitational wave “chirp” signal as predicted by general relativity for the merger of two compact objects, i.e. a neutron star and/or a black hole, as well as the optical and radio curves.

Now, please take a minute and listen here. Here you can find more information about the project.


And what about real merging black holes? This is the real gravitational wave “sound” of GW150914!



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