Coming soon at EGO: one-day workshop on gravitational waves

On Thursday May 18 the Virgo collaboration will  organize a one-day workshop at EGO to allow young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) to enter into contact with more senior researchers and to exchange about the research field which brings us all together: Gravitational Waves.

This initiative was triggered by a grant given by the French Embassy to strengthen contacts between French researchers and Italian students or postdocs. Due to the international nature of the Virgo collaboration, we have broadened the scope of this call and welcome the participation of all Virgo members as well as of our colleagues working on theory of gravitational waves.

To match the conditions of the original grant, the workshop website is available in both French and Italian:

The registration page
( is in English, that will be the language of the workshop. The registration is free and some support may be granted to students upon request.

The workshop is following the next Virgo week, which means that participants will not have to travel only for that event but may simply extend their stay by one day after the meeting.

Questions and comments can be sent to

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