Quick Questions on Virgo: “Can I visit the site of the Virgo experiment?”

This post is part of a series about quick questions and answers about the Virgo experiment and the science of gravitational waves. Do you have a quick question? Tell us and we will reply!

Can I visit the site of the Virgo experiment?

Absolutely yes, you are very welcome! The standard visit is guided by scientists and starts with an introductory seminar followed by a visit to some parts of the instrument. Schools, academic institutions, and journalists are given priority to visit the site. However, associations, groups of people, or whoever is interested in discovering the interferometer are warmly invited to come too. Thanks to our website, you can also take a “virtual tour” of Virgo, by watching the many videos hosted in the multimedia gallery, or attending one of the many “open day” events organized each year. Public visits on site are preferably during Saturdays, and can be booked through the Scientific Secretariat of EGO (See http://public.Virgo-gw.eu/visit-us/

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