EGO part of EU Code Week 2016!

EU Code Week will take place between 15 and 23 October, 2016 and EGO will be part of it!Codeweekeu



For the 1st time EGO will host at its site in Cascina on Monday 17th October, one of the three workshops Code Week 2016 organised by EURid, the non-profit organisation and registry manager of the .eu country code top-level domains upon appointment of the European Commission in 2003.


Who will be participating?

A qualified team of the IT EGO Department will hold a lecture for students coming from the I.T. Vincenzo Galilei of Pisa. The lecture will consist in doing playful coding activities through a user-friendly programming language.

Taking advantage of the presence on-site of the students, the groups will have the opportunity to make a site tour of the Virgo interferometer before leaving the site. 



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